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Business Essentials 1st Edition 1984

This is the opening of the very first edition of Business Essentials, the world’s first and longest-running monthly business audio program.

This first edition presented by founder Michael Schildberger was distributed on Beta, but the monthly subscription model in those very early days alternated between Beta tapes and audio cassettes.

After only just a couple of months, enquiries came in from subscribers asking whether they could subscribe to the audio cassettes only.

Why? As Michael Schildberger explains in his autobiography A Sorcerer’s Apprentice:

“They loved the videos, but didn’t have time to watch them, but the tapes were perfect for the car. We listened to our customers, dropped the videos, reduced the price and offered 12 audio tapes a year.”

Those audio tapes are now gone, obviously, but most of our subscribers today still listen in the car on CDs and mobile devices.

More than 30 years after that first edition, Business Essentials still provides the very best practical and timely advice and tips to thousands of business operators.

Listeners have described this audio series as “inspirational”, “invaluable” and “addictive”. Many say their businesses have grown as a direct result of ideas and advice they’ve received from Business Essentials.

For more information or to subscribe to Business Essentials, please contact BE Media Production.

T: 1800 039 098

Nick’s Notes April 2015

Welcome to the second edition of Nick’s Notes, and thank you for your feedback on the first edition last month.

April Fool’s Day Confession

Being April Fool’s Day, I reflect on a time when I was a “fool” in business on the back of the interview with the Fair Work Ombudsman, Lynda McAlary-Smith. She advocates joining industry associations and Chambers of Commerce – I wish I’d been a “joiner” when I started a business 10 years ago.

Welcome Back Chris Ashmore

We recently welcomed back Chris Ashmore to the Business Essentials Media Production team after a break of 12 years that took him to Tokyo. I’m delighted to introduce him in his new role of Producer/Business Development Manager.

April Edition Of Business Essentials

The April edition of Business Essentials is online and in response to subscribers requesting more interviews with successful entrepreneurs – we’ve got three this month. From a think-tank in Antarctica attended by James Tuckerman, to ex-Olympic skier Peter Forras who now sells ski gear around the world, and a confession from Andrew Griffiths who tells his own story of falling into the trap of putting too many eggs in one basket. Plus many more interviews designed to help you grow your business.

I hope you find value in the interviews this month and I look forward to speaking to you next month.