Nick’s Notes November 2015

Our New Logo

Before we get to the essential business information on the November edition of Business Essentials, I’d like to draw your attention to our new logo! We’ve refreshed our look and logo to reflect the exciting changes going on in our business. Our Business Essentials audio program will remain a constant, of course, and a priority for us in bringing you the ideas, advice and inspiration you need to grow. But much else has been happening behind the scenes here as we grow our full complement of media production services, including more and more video.

Grow Your Business With New Ventures Or Mergers & Acquisitions

Spring is here and there are less than two months’ worth of business activities ahead of us before everything closes down for Christmas! Time therefore to push forward in earnest with plans, deals and activities before 2015 grinds to a halt. It’s frightening how quickly time flies, isn’t it? As you consider these important final weeks of the year, perhaps you’re hoping to seal a joint venture deal with another business. If so, you’ll hear some valuable advice from merger and acquisition expert Grant Kirby of Cambian Corporate Advisory.

Grant’s advice is complemented this month by our regular tax commentator Michael Jones who brings some salutary warnings about the deal you’re signing up to. Spring may be here, Michael says, but look before you leap into new ventures. There are four big questions you should be asking yourself, he says, and he outlines precisely what they are later on this program.

Winning In Competitive Markets

Merchant matching firm Service Central leaped into the Internet space 10 years ago. They were an Internet start-up almost before the phrase was invented. Many Internet businesses come and go but Service Central continues to forge ahead. We spoke to Service Central 5 years ago and now, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary, we revisit the company to find out what’s keeping it ahead in an increasingly competitive game.

And talking competitive, what about running a restaurant – or a few of them – plus becoming a media star and public face of gastronomic life in Australia? Guy Grossi’s the name and, well, we spoke to him this month, and yes, it’s hot at the top!

More Essential Information For Business People

Marketing expert Antony Gaddie continues the restaurant theme with his recipe for using lunches to build your business. While content marketing expert Valerie Khoo clearly defines for us what that activity’s all about, with some timely reminders about how to market ourselves these days if we hope to make a mark before year-end.

To end our November edition of Business Essentials, Andrew Masi has advice on how to manage those difficult staff members who just don’t seem to get it. Don’t get mad, says Andrew Masi, there are better ways to resolve staff issues and Andrew guides us through some helpful conversations to show us how.