Nick’s Notes August 2015

The Power Of Partnerships To Grow Your Business

The buzz word this month is PARTNERSHIPS – and the power of collaboration. Simone Novello of Partner2GROW has dedicated her career to fine tuning the art of forming strategic partnerships – and she shares her insights into how to approach the process. She says that once you successfully use partnerships in your business, you’ll never need to SELL again. That was enough encouragement for me to spend two days participating in Simone’s ParterUP course which was massively beneficial in re-focusing my attention on partnering in our business.

Remain Positive By Removing “Brain Blinkers”

It’s hard to do anything if you don’t believe it’ll work, and that’s another message this month, from Anthony Bonnici, author of the book “Brain Blinkers”. They’re the negative mental barriers that prevent us from achieving the best. Anthony’s interview this month will resonate with many in business because, he says, we’re all affected to some degree by psychological constraints – the sort of self-talk that says “That’ll never work” or “I couldn’t do that”. But he’ll also tell us how to overcome those mental barriers, and it’ll make a huge difference to our business and personal success if we do.

More Essential Information To Grow Your Business

Also on the August edition of Business Essentials, Tony Delaney of Brownie Points helps us identify the staff who love working for us and ways to look after them so they remain an asset of our businesses.

Should your business ever face tough times, you’ll understand the sense in a new Productivity Commission proposal to provide a so-called “safe harbour” period from the harsh liabilities you may have faced. Sean Wengel of William Buck offers some clarity around the proposed laws.

Tax expert Michael Jones of Cummings Flavel McCormack discusses the attractive tax concessions offered to small business in the May federal budget. But are you sure you qualify? Listen to Michael Jones to find out if you’re IN or OUT.

We close the program with the ever entertaining Tony Gattari, who reveals his 10 channel strategy for gaining trust. With customers becoming increasingly cynical these days, it’s never been more important to earn their trust. Tony’s strategies should get your sales flowing.

I hope you enjoy all the interviews we’ve compiled on the August edition of Business Essentials, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss how our businesses might be able to partner.