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Tips on using call centres to grow your business

Call CentreHow can you use call centres to engage effectively with your customers? That’s what we asked Chris Torrisi for the June 2015 edition of Business Essentials. Chris is co-founder of Imperatif Call Centre Partners, a company he established in 2009 with co-founder Paul McMahon.

We spoke to Chris about the services call centres use these days as well as the benefits and watch-outs of engaging with them.

Listen to the full interview with Chris Torissi.

New app is cleaning up the market

WHIZZWhile the taxi-alternative Uber has made in-roads to the Australian market, a home grown company is using similar app technology on the cleaning industry.

WHIZZ entered the Sydney market earlier this year and already has seen phenomenal growth. Customers who are looking for reliable, professional and on-demand residential or office cleaning services can now access hundreds of cleaners – in much the same way commuters can search for Uber taxis.

We spoke with WHIZZ’s co-founder and CEO Mark Bernberg for the May 2015 edition of Business Essentials on the technology as well as the inspiration and early successes of the business.

Click here to listen to the interview in full.