Nick’s Notes July 2015

Happy New Financial Year

I hope you’ve had a successful finish to the financial year and are ready for growth in the year ahead. To set the economic landscape for the remainder of the calendar year, we start this month’s program with Professor Neville Norman’s summary of where we’re at and where we’re heading. And you might be surprised to hear that July is the time to start your year-end tax planning. That’s according to Michael Jones of Cummings Flavel McCormack, who reminds about the key points to consider for successful year-round tax planning.

What’s Your Business Story?

How often do you tell the story of your business? According to business mentor, venture banker and long-time entrepreneur Neville Christie, we should be sharing stories in business as often as we can. So that’s why I share the story of OUR business in this edition of Nick’s Notes. In our interview with Neville Christie, he explains the four key stories we should all be telling, to anybody who will listen.

Other Important Messages To Grow Your Business

Do your customers love you? That’s a question from Darrell Hardidge of SAGUITY, who asks us to consider the kind of experience our customers really get when they deal with our businesses. He says you must create a 10 out of 10 client experience – EVERY time.

Also on the July edition of Business Essentials, Alex Pirouz helps us master LinkedIn, Koos Kruger has advice for attracting a buyer for your business, and Tracy Angwin of the Australian Payroll Association has advice on managing the constant headache of leave entitlements.

I hope you enjoy the essential information we’ve compiled on the July edition of Business Essentials. I wish you a prosperous year ahead – and don’t forget to get busy telling the story of YOUR business.