Nick’s Notes June 2015

It’s All About Money

Well, that’s not entirely true, but this month on Business Essentials Audio Program there is quite a strong financial theme. We have Neville Norman’s review of Joe Hockey’s backflip budget, followed by a close look at the tax implications for us all in business from Michael Jones. As I write this at the end of May, the small business tax cut and $20,000 asset write-off bill is being entered into parliament. Have you thought about how you might be able to take advantage?

Staying on the money theme, and on the back of the strong property market, we talk to property advocate Warwick Brookes to seek his advice on where and what to buy to maximise our investment dollars.

Year End Tax Planning Video

Is tax planning high on your agenda? It should be as the end of the financial year fast approaches. To help you keep on top of the critical elements, we’ve created a video with Michael Jones of Cummings Flavel McCormack which you can view on the CFM website.

Are You Keeping An Eye On Business Disrupters?

Back in the 1920s, Hollywood star Will Rogers said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” – and it’s never been more relevant than right now. Business disrupters are appearing everywhere and if you aren’t considering how technology and new ways of doing business could turn your industry upside-down, you do so at your own risk – need I mention Borders and Blockbuster Video!

We look at two cases of business disruption this month. The first is the energetic story of Jodie Fox and the meteoric growth of her online shoe design business, Shoes of Prey. Despite being told it would never work, she’s built a hugely successful business and we managed to catch her for a chat on a brief visit back to Australia from the United States where she’s opening more bricks and mortar stores to complement the massive success of her online business.

The second is the rapid growth of Fintech lenders – short for financial technology. Bank Doctor Neil Slonim provides his assessment of this new way of securing finance that is making the big banks sit up and think.

As usual we discuss a lot more than just money on the June edition of Business Essentials, and I hope you find value in the essential information we’ve compiled for you. I’ll be back in touch in the new financial year!

New app is cleaning up the market

WHIZZWhile the taxi-alternative Uber has made in-roads to the Australian market, a home grown company is using similar app technology on the cleaning industry.

WHIZZ entered the Sydney market earlier this year and already has seen phenomenal growth. Customers who are looking for reliable, professional and on-demand residential or office cleaning services can now access hundreds of cleaners – in much the same way commuters can search for Uber taxis.

We spoke with WHIZZ’s co-founder and CEO Mark Bernberg for the May 2015 edition of Business Essentials on the technology as well as the inspiration and early successes of the business.

Click here to listen to the interview in full.

Nick’s Notes May 2015

Thanks for tuning in to the third edition of Nick’s Notes.

Federal Budget Month

Only a few sleeps until Joe Hockey delivers his 2015 Federal Budget. Will it be ‘dull and boring’ as our Prime Minister has suggested? As usual we turn to our resident economist, Professor Neville Norman of Melbourne University, for his perspectives on how Joe Hockey will handle the many fiscal challenges he faces in mapping out our economic future.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

I hope it is, because in April 2015 Google started rolling out changes to its algorithm that will see non-mobile friendly websites pushed down the Google search results for searches done on portable devices. For businesses that rely on sales and enquiries from Google searches, this is big news. I’d suggest making sure your website uses responsive design as soon as possible. But for a full explanation of what this all means we spoke to Heather Maloney of Contact Point IT Services.

Lessons For Fast Growth

Last month we spoke to publisher and entrepreneur James Tuckerman about his trip to Antarctica for a business think-tank with 100 other Australians. This month he talks about the challenges he faced when moving a print publication online, and he reveals his three tips for growth on the back of his more recent success with the Not-So-Freaky University.

Enjoy all the essential information we’ve complied for you on Business Essentials this month, and I look forward to talking to you next month with a full wrap of the Federal Budget.