Nick’s Notes December 2015

Before The Festive Season Begins

Three weeks to go and the festive season begins – or even earlier as the usual end-of-year celebrations get underway any day now. What have been some of the key messages of the past year?

As always at this time of year, we start our December edition of Business Essentials with messages from our own economist, the ever-reliable Neville Norman, who offers his economic review of the past year. What has 2015 brought us and are we in any better shape now than we were at the start of the year? Neville’s message this month may even include a tiny glimpse of what lies ahead in 2016 – and that’s always worth waiting for.

Innovation, New Ideas and Funding Your R&D

Serial entrepreneur, mentor and venture banker Neville Christie spends much of his time in the innovation space, helping people bring their new ideas to market. And he warns us this month that no-one can afford to sit still in this fast changing world. In fact, he says, if your business is the same in 5 years’ time as it is now, it’ll be gone.

And on the topic of innovation, tax expert Michael Jones has valuable advice too. If you’re into research and development, why not take a look at the Research and Development Tax Incentive – it’s funding within the tax system, sitting right there waiting to help fund innovative endeavours. And it can cover all sorts of activities so maybe it could help you with your next new bright idea. Michael Jones explains how it works this month.

More Essential Information For Business People

Also on the December edition of Business Essentials you’ll hear a mix of topics to benefit you and your bottom line. Take commercial lease negotiations, for example. Do you sometimes think you come off second best in dealings with your landlord? Amanda Anderson of The Tenant Company offers insights on how to better balance the deal and the relationship.

We have insights on the psychology of selling, with Robert Coorey, author of “Feed a Starving Crowd”. He gives us plenty of tips and examples about what works to get customers to hurry up and buy. Sales whizz Tony Gattari adds to that this month with five powerful questions we need to ask in the selling process.

Client experience expert Darrell Hardidge, returns this month to smash the loyalty myth. He says you can’t be complacent if you want to keep your customers long term.

2015 might be racing to an end but there’s still time to take advantage of the practical advice and ideas on the December edition of Business Essentials. The team at BE Media Production would like to wish you a safe and happy festive season ahead.

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