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Date: 01/03/2020

This month, Prof. Neville Norman summarises his and his fellow economists' forecasts in the recent annual Scope survey: what lies ahead this year and how does it affect your business?

Also this month, Dominque Grubisa warns us of the predatory behaviour of some people taking advantage of businesses in distress, particularly in the immediate aftermath of the recent bushfires. HR specialist Kerrie Canning clarifies unfair dismissal laws. Lawyer Paul Cott explains restraint of trade clauses in employee contracts.

Michael Jones walks us through the different business structures with an interesting case study to pull his key points together. We ask Greg Keady whether gold is a wise investment. Darrell Hardidge delivers his ten customer service commandments.

And we end the program with David Banger and how we should embrace technology for the future survival and growth of our businesses.