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Nick Schildberger

Managing Director

Nick SchildbergerNick has grown up with Business Essentials, his parents being Michael and Julia Schildberger.  From an early age he assembled and packed audio programs and took an interest in marketing the various products.

At Melbourne University he gained a Bachelor of Commerce, specialising in marketing. He became a Product Manager with the public company Infosentials.

Nick was instrumental in forming the business plan when Michael bought back Business Essentials from the public company in 2001.  He earned the position of Sales and Marketing Manager at Business Essentials soon after and has since become the company’s Managing Director.

He has an excellent understanding of BE's product range and is able to assist potential advertisers and sponsors in gaining maximum benefit from involvement with Business Essentials.  He is on the constant look out for opportunities to provide Business Essentials as a loyalty program, offering win-win for all parties.