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How to handle your workload

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Running Time: 6:49

Date: 01/06/2014

When it comes to workload, a happy employee is a productive employee!

If you’re lying in bed awake at night thinking about work, then perhaps it’s time to speak up! So says Andrew Morris, of specialist recruitment firm, Robert Half, who warns that when it comes to work overload, things can get out of hand very quickly - especially if early warning signs are ignored.   

Andrew says managers should look out for things like employees suddenly arriving late at work, or changes in behavior – such as displays of elevated frustration in response to colleagues or work related issues.  

Paul says the more stress and pressure we put on ourselves to perform, the less efficient we actually become, so taking regular breaks is critical. He also says that often the best employees in an organisation are the quiet ones - those who are reluctant to speak up about issues such as work overload. It’s critical that managers are proactive in communicating with employees in order to keep them on board for the long term.


Topics: Human Resources, Management, Personal Development

Andrew Morris, Robert Half