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How To Turn Stress Into Success

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Running Time: 8:59

Date: 01/06/2013

A little stress may be good for us, but how do we stop it taking over our lives and - ultimately - damaging our health and wellbeing?

Stress in small doses, says author and lifestyle expert Dr Helena Popovic, can be good for us, but there's a tipping point where prolonged stress becomes harmful, with potentially serious consequences for our physical health as well as our state of mind. Because stress management is mainly self-management, Dr Popovic recommends a "conversation with ourselves", asking whether we can look differently at the things that are causing our stress, and whether they're really as important as they first appear. Good sleep, exercise and a healthy diet will also equip us to deal with stress more calmly - as will an acceptance that life isn't perfect and never will be.


Topics: Human Resources, Management, Personal Development

Dr Helena Popovic