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Having A Great Day At The Office

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Running Time: 9:02

Date: 01/04/2013

Try to make every day at the office a great day - you'll find your practice will thrive if you do.

How often can we say, at the end of another busy day, "that was a great day"? Business coach and author Scott Charlton says there are ways to make that happen more often, and achieving it will help your practice thrive too. In his experience, professional people are happiest when they're deploying their core skills - meeting clients, both old and new; offering advice; framing solutions; mentoring and encouraging young staff; achieving results. Delegation of tasks that are less appetising can free up valuable time, as can good diary management, which can create space to take on new or more strategic challenges which will benefit the practice.


Topics: Human Resources, Management, Personal Development

Scott Charlton