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How NOT To Fall Foul Of The Fair Work Act

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Date: 01/08/2011

Fearful of flouting the Fair Work Act? Take heart from a new document service designed to keep small businesses on the right side of the law and out of the reach of the powerful Fair Work Ombudsman

When the Fair Work Act was passed in 2009, it comprised 11,000 pages of information, 10 National Employment Standards and 123 Modern Awards. Daunted already? Now the law is operating, with a powerful Fair Work Ombudsman who can swoop in to investigate any breaches. And according to Erin Goffett of HR management company The Munro Group, the Ombudsman's office has been seriously busy! We're showing patchy compliance, with many recurring issues around unfair dismissals, discrimination and underpayment of wages. But help is at hand for anyone having trouble getting their hearts and minds around the Fair Work Act. The Munro Group has a simple but comprehensive document service tailored to the needs of small business, to assist with all HR issues in the workplace and to help keep businesses out of court and beyond the grasp of the Fair Work Ombudsman. And it's a lot cheaper than the penalties if you fall foul of the law.


Topics: Human Resources, Legal, Management

Erin Goffett, The Munro Group