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How To Avoid A Sexual Harassment Case

Date: 03/09/2010

You don't have to be a high-profile employer to face a sexual harassment case. Have a clear policy and deal quickly with any workplace allegations.

Sexual harassment in the workplace increasingly finds its way into the headlines. Industrial relations lawyer Joydeep Hor, of People + Culture Strategies, says potentially damaging - and expensive - court cases can arise from unwelcome sexual advances or unwelcome workplace behaviour involving suggestive language, images or topics of regular conversation - creating a hostile work environment. It's important, he tells us, to make sure your business has the policies, training and procedures in place that the law requires. Their absence will inhibit your ability to deal with any allegations that arise, and reflect badly on the business should matters reach court. He warns against making snap judgements on right or wrong when allegations are made, but moving quickly to conduct an unbiased investigation. Small businesses lacking their own resources may want to bring in some external help. Business owners and managers must be subject to the same rules of behaviour as any other employees.


Topics: Human Resources, Legal, Management

Joydeep Hor, People + Culture Strategies