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Putting your team's instincts to work

We can't escape our instincts - so we might as well make them work for us!

From earliest times, human beings lived and worked in groups of about seven - the family - and about 150 - the village. Author Andrew O'Keeffe, of Hardwired Humans, says it's only since the Industrial Revolution that we've moved into offices and factories, and our instincts remain embedded within us. When work teams get larger than seven, they begin to be dysfunctional. And having more than seven direct reports to a senior manager can have the same effect. Businesses like Flight Centre have recognised this and will open a new office rather than add to an existing team. Andrew O'Keeffe says we can't change our instincts, it's better to learn from them and arrange our business structures accordingly. The results will speak for themselves.

Topics: Human Resources, Leadership, Personal Development

Andrew O'Keeffe, Hardwired Humans