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Are you ready for an IR audit?

Don't fall foul of the new IR laws - understanding your own workforce can help you avoid problems down the track.

With the latest phase of the new Industrial Relations legislation now in force, employers need to understand the issues that are important to their workforce, and be prepared to deal with them. Joydeep Hor, of Harmers Workplace Lawyers, says the new right to flexible working arrangements may prove the area of greatest difficulty, particularly for small business. Refusal to grant a worker's request will have to be justified as a business-based decision. The Fair Work Ombudsman has plans for up to 50,000 "targetted education visits" this year to help employers understand their obligations, but audits - with substantial penalties available - are also part of the new system.

Topics: Human Resources, Legal, Management

Joydeep Hor, Harmers Workplace Lawyers