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Tackling the debt defaulters

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Running Time: 8:51

Date: 01/11/2014

Are you the only one with debtors who won't pay up?

Not likely! says Roger Mendelson of Prushka Fast Debt Recovery, as he looks back to an interesting 2014 and all that it has brought for his 50,000 clients around the country.

Regular surveys of those customers shows that confidence at the start of the year has subsided. We're more negative now, Roger tells us. As for debts, there are good and bad ways to manage them and he advises us about both. He also provides one bit of advice that's well worth introducing if you want to protect yourself against bad debts. Take heed, Roger warns, because you never know what might happen to those who owe you money.


Topics: Accounting & Tax, Business Processes, Economy, Financial Management

Roger Mendelson, Prushka Fast Debt Recovery