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Watchouts On Employing Executive Level Staff

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Running Time: 7:11

Date: 27/09/2012

Be ultra careful when signing up executive staff - the devil is in the detail and the contract is paramount

Hiring staff at executive level means taking a lot of care and diligence over terms and conditions. Never promise the new executive anything you can't fulfil, and make sure everything is clearly documented because according to employment lawyer Kathryn Dent, the contract is the first place an unhappy executive will go to if the position doesn't work out. To avoid legal action, there are many issues to consider beyond pay and entitlements. And remember, Kathryn says, just like a prenuptual agreement in marriage, the contract should stipulate what will happen if the executive leaves, for whatever reason. There's a lot of consider and Kathryn Dent highlights the main legal issues to preempt expensive problems down the track.


Topics: Business Processes, Human Resources, Legal

Kathryn Dent, People + Culture Strategies