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Get Ready For Tough New OH&S Laws

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Running Time: 10:05

Date: 01/12/2011

OH&S laws are getting tougher - with more responsibility put on both workers and management, and much more severe penalties.

The various state and territory OH&S laws will be "harmonised" from January 1 2012, though Victoria and Western Australia may be a year away from signing up. Andrew Douglas of Macpherson and Kelley Lawyers - and editor-in-chief of the OH&S Handbook published by Portner Press - says competence is going to be a key test. Employers and company officers will need to develop - and understand in detail - clear policies to ensure a safe workplace. And employees will have to understand and abide by those policies and reasonable instructions relating to them. Breaches of the law will involve stiff financial penalties, and possible jail terms, for either party.


Topics: Human Resources

Andrew Douglas, Macpherson + Kelley Lawyers