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Legal Watchouts On Defamation & New Media

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Date: 01/04/2011

Beware what you write about others - one click of the keyboard and your words can reach thousands in a nano-second, and that could send you straight to court for defamation...

A staff member has been rubbing you up the wrong way for months.You don't like his or her attitude, performance, ethical behaviour, in fact you believe this person is totally useless, professionally and personally. But whatever you think, be careful how you communicate your thoughts to others. Send them via your computer or mobile phone and you could be up for a charge of defamation - oh-so-easy in this world of new media, where messages can reach thousands and millions in nano-seconds. So warns lawyer Paul Brennan of Brennans Solicitors, who has this additional warning for business owners. Beware what your employees communicate to others, because lawyers go for the deepest pockets. If a staff member is charged with defamation but his pockets are empty,they may go after you instead.


Topics: Human Resources, Legal, Management

Paul Brennan, Brennans Solicitors