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Don't Put Square Pegs In Round Holes

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Date: 01/11/2010

If you want to create a successful team, let people do the things they're best at

Everybody has a gift, says sales and marketing guru Tony Gattari of Achievers Group. And the way to achieve a successful team in business, he says, is to make sure everyone is using their gift: don't put square pegs in round holes. He reminds us of the four main personality types: eagle, peacock, dove and owl, and tells us which type will fit best in the various roles in the business team. Eagles are leaders, driven by results and challenges. Not necessarily great team players. They like giving orders, not taking them. They're entrepreneurs, leaders or sales managers. Peacocks are image-driven and want to be popular. They love dealing with people and are great motivators. Not strong on attention to detail and dislike paperwork. Think of them in sales and marketing. Doves seek security and consistency. They're loyal, steady and reliable, good at customer service, account management or administration. And owls have great application - they'll analyse and question, dislike risk but will uncover mistakes or problems. Ideal as accountants, or in technical or engineering roles. Tony Gattari says, if you get your people in the right jobs, they'll be happier and more productive and your business will thrive.


Topics: Human Resources, Management, Personal Development

Tony Gattari, Achievers Group