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Date: 01/07/2021

COVID spot fires around the country continue to cause headaches for government health officials and wreak havoc for businesses facing potential lockdowns. How do we plan for growth with still so much uncertainty?

It’s worth turning to our trusted economist, Professor Neville Norman, who reviews the economy as we head into a new financial year. Neville includes his thoughts on labour shortages, property prices, and interest rates.

Also this month, former AFL coach and umpire manager, Jeff Gieschen, reflects on leadership at the elite sporting level. Hearten Up’s Joel Clapham opens up about mental health. Nic Don looks at opportunities in the current property boom.

John Blight warns of the dangers of going it alone when selling your business.  Rhonda Andrews has advice on transitioning your staff back to the workplace. And digital marketing guru, Joel Gerschman, will help you differentiate your business in the online world…with the help of Hollywood.