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Date: 01/04/2016

This month we learn business lessons from the world of elite sport by talking with one of Australia’s most successful sporting greats, Simon Madden.

The former Essendon Bombers’ ruckman and captain is now a successful business coach and trainer. He offers his thoughts on leadership in business and in life.

And like players during a football season, Anneli Blundell says your staff’s performance should be constantly reviewed and followed up. Author of ‘Developing Direct Reports’, Anneli returns to Business Essentials this month to question the once-a-year employee management review.

It’s all part of shaking up the way we do things – as Amantha Imber tells us how businesses and teams of all sizes can innovate. She’s also written a book – ‘The Innovation Formula’ – on how to foster a culture of innovation.

Also this month we speak with ACCC’s Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper on the tightening of laws around unfair business contracts. Sales expert, Tony Gattari of Achievers Group returns to provide the top five sales objections and how to handle them. Michael Jones of Cummings Flavel McCormack explains the new CGT concessions for small business.

And, if you’ve thought about acquiring another company, Cecilia Irvine-So of law firm Moores warns of what to keep in mind. Elio D’Amato of Lincoln Stock Doctor, looks at the stocks to watch this month. We end the program with CT Johnson of Cross Border Management, on how to attract the ever-increasing Chinese tourist dollar.