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Running Time: 3:09

Date: 01/03/2016

Now six months into the Turnbull Government and a federal budget for it to deliver just around the corner, how’s the Australian economy shaping up? That’s the question Neville Norman answers this month in his economic update.

Also this month, we talk to broadcaster James O’Loghlin on his new book, ‘Innovation is a State of Mind’ and how anyone in business can be more innovative by following the steps in his book. Our success story this month is from Monica Meldrum, founder of Whole Kids, and how she is selling a range of children’s health snacks through major airlines and supermarket chains.

As always we turn to Michael Jones of Cummings Flavel McCormack on tax and accounting issues, and this month he looks at how superannuation is and should be taxed. Sue Barrett returns with part two of her key trends in selling. Cecilia Irvine-So of law firm Moores explores new privacy laws and your responsibilities.

HR consultants Cheryl Disher and Kerrie Canning, founders of HR Advice Online, examine the topic of domestic violence leave. We get stock market expert Elio D’Amato’s take on the latest reporting season. And we finish the program with Darrell Hardidge of SAGUITY and his thoughts on those ‘positive deviants’ in your business who make fantastic changes for the better.