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Leaping ahead in custom design

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Running Time: 10:03

Date: 01/06/2015

Who said an online design-your-own shoe business wouldn't work?

Jodie Fox has carried her passion for shoe design into the digital world. Her Shoes of Prey website allows women who are equally passionate about shoes - and that's a lot of people! - to design their own shoes from a zillion choices in colour, fabric and style. With her two business partners, Michael Fox and Mike Knapp, she's now taking the world by storm, opening strategically placed bricks and mortar stores to complement her online shop and heading to the US for rapid expansion there too. Developing the manufacturing model for individual orders was complex, but Shoes of Prey made it happen and Jodie says there's no end to the possibilities it presents looking ahead. 


Topics: Business Growth, Success Stories, Technology

Jodie Fox, Shoes of Prey