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Pointing Your Online Sales To China

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Running Time: 8:43

Date: 01/08/2013

Want to sell online to China? It's a huge potential market, but there are challenges too....

Well over a billion people, a rising middle class with internet access and an appetite for foreign-made goods - particularly at the top end. Enough to make a marketer's mouth water. And, says China trading expert Lisa Goodhand, of China Blueprint Online, there's no reason Australian firms shouldn't have a share of the action. But it's no easy ride: you'll need a Chinese-language website, and the means to respond to customer queries and complaints in that language. You'll need to understand what motivates Chinese consumers, to make sure your price is competitive and your delivery system works. And that your bank can handle Chinese credit card payments in the local currency. Big challenges for potentially big rewards.


Topics: Business Growth, Marketing & Sales, Technology

Lisa Goodhand, China Blueprint Online