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Timeless Rules Of Retail Success

So much has changed in the business world.

But fundamental truths still hold true from one generation to the next or, dare I say it, from one century to the next, and even the next again.

That's been the story of Lithgow department store Bracey, which has steered a successful course through two world wars, a depression, a fire and four generations of the Bracey family. Times have changed, but not the principles that the company has upheld over so many years.

David Bracey is now managing director of the firm and he shares those principles with Heather Dawson - with some great reminders for us all.

He says it all started with his great grandfather Horace, "the Major", when he took on the business back in 1886. And did Horace Bracey have an inate understanding of what good retailing meant?


Topics: Success Stories

David Bracey, Bracey's Department Store, Lithgow NSW