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The importance of induction and onboarding

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Running Time: 9:11

Date: 01/09/2014

Employing a new staff member? Make sure your induction and onboarding processes are in check to maximise your return.

When it comes to the recruitment of new employees, Australia is renowned as a high-cost country. And according to business and executive coach, Peter Black, getting the recruitment process right is critical to the ongoing success of a business, particularly when you take into account the financial investment, time spent, and contractual employment responsibilities.

But, Peter says, while the recruitment of a new employee can be one of the most important processes an employer will undertake, it’s a process that’s often rushed due to the perceived sense of urgency commonly associated with recruitment.  Focusing on the critical induction and onboarding components of the recruitment process, Peter Black explains what is best practice in order to maximise the return on both the time spent, and the financial investment.


Topics: Business Processes, Human Resources, Management

Peter Black, Peter Black Coaching