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Managing A Multi-generational Workforce

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Running Time: 7:04

Date: 01/11/2012

Is a multi-generational workforce good for your business? Absolutely!

Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y...they're all so different. So are there benefits to working with a multi-generational workforce in your business? 'Certainly!' says Andrew Brushfield of recruitment specialists Robert Half. Andrew says working in a team of different generations brings collective experiences, which can lead to greater productivity and a more cohesive team. Andrew describes the characteristics that each generation brings to the table. For example, he says Baby Boomers have a huge amount of knowledge and experience that Gen X and Gen Y can build on. Gen X like to know the boundaries of work-life balance and don't like to be micromanaged. And Generation Y like to know how they can develop themselves. Training, learning and development are very important.


Topics: Business Processes, Human Resources, Management

Andrew Brushfield, Robert Half