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Why First Impressions Last

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Date: 01/11/2010

First impressions stick - make sure you're getting the right messages across in those vital early seconds

It's been shown that we make up our minds about people or things within the first minute of encountering them, often within the first few seconds. Andrew O'Keeffe, of Hardwired Humans, says it's an emotional and subconscious reaction, but very often a correct one. We instantly classify people and things as "good" or "bad" - we like them or we don't, and all our subsequent thinking about them will be filtered through that initial response. Andrew O'Keeffe says this has important implications for business, especially in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service. The first five seconds of contact may be enought to determine whether we create a good first impression or a bad one. Either way, that impression will stick and our brand will benefit or suffer accordingly. It's important too when taking on new employees - their reaction to their new working environment and colleagues will be determined by their very first contacts.


Topics: Customer Service, Human Resources, Marketing & Sales

Andrew O'Keeffe, Hardwired Humans