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The Pitfalls Of Poor Planning

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Date: 01/08/2010

If your plan isn't working out as you'd intended, then your planning process is probably to blame

Why don't things work out as intended? In business at least, it often comes down to poor planning. That's the view of businessman and management consultant Graham Haines, who's just written a book - Plans to Reality - which describes 36 barriers that stand in the way. He says a common fault is that the plan is drawn up without consulting those who'll have to implement and operate it. That means that the right questions are often not asked, and people at the sharp end are not committed to making the plan work. Each phase of the process, from planning through to implementation and operation, must be communicated to all concerned if you want to achieve "buy-in". Meetings are part of the process, but must be carefully-structured and well-managed. And the plan must remain flexible - circumstances will change and the plan must change with them.


Topics: Business Processes, Human Resources, Management

Graham Haines, Plans to Reality